DRDF study bares impact of social pension on the elderly

The elderly is one of the sectors which is most disadvantaged in the country today. In response, the government has been trying, through policies and programs, to improve their conditions especially regarding access to goods and services, affordability of medicine, and availability of recreational centers. In relation, the latest law to be passed and enacted by the government after active lobbying from elderly welfare groups Republic Act 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens’ Act of 2010. Among the law’s key provisions is a social pension amounting to P500.00 per month.

NGO clinics and government hospitals fill family planning needs of urban poor women

For families living in the slums of Manila who can barely make ends, contraceptives are one more burden which compete with their basic needs of food, utilities, housing, and education for their children. This puts the poor families in a quandary forcing them to make tough choices like food or utilities versus pills or condoms.

Aging in The Philippines: Findings From The 2007 Philippine Study on Aging

The book, Aging in the Philippines: Findings from the 2007 Philippine Study on Aging, is an output of the 2007 Philippine Study on Aging (PSOA) project of the University of the Philippines Population Institute in collaboration with the Nihon University Population Research Institute of Japan. The study is the second nationally representative sample study of older Filipinos ages 60 years and over.

DRDF participates in the 2015 PPA Annual Scientific Conference

The Demographic Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (DRDF) provided support to the Philippine Population Association (PPA) in holding this year’s PPA Scientific Conference. As an organization that aims to promote and undertake research, training and other related activities in population and development and with a wealth of specialists dedicated to such advocacy, this year’s PPA Conference theme: Population in Humanitarian Crises aptly captures the values and research focus that DRDF has espoused in recent years.