DRDF conducts the Baseline Survey for the Dual Cohort Prospective Study of Obesity in Metro Manila

Project Title: 
Dual Cohort Prospective Study of Obesity
Project Partners: 
US - National Institutes of Health, University of Washington, University of California - Los Angeles, USC-Office of Population Studies
Project Period: 
November - August 2017 (Baseline Survey)

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The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Washington, in partnership with the USC – Office of Population Studies (OPS), is currently conducting a research study entitled the “Dual Cohort Prospective Study of Obesity”, aiming to prospectively follow two cohorts of adults: (1) US-bound Filipino permanent migrants, and (2) Filipino residents living in Metro Manila or Metro Cebu for at least three years. Changes in obesity risk factors, particularly the effects of stress due to migrating in the US, shall be examined and compared between the two cohorts.